An Electronic Key Management System Generates Useful Reports

An electronic key management system generates useful reports for automobile dealerships. The KeyBank Auto’s Live Key Report tells you where the keys are in real-time. Other reports help you manage the system and spot trends over time. Managers and administrative staff can run these helpful reports from the accompanying computer software, KeyWatcher TrueTouch. Here are the most useful reports that the KeyBank TOUCH system can produce.

Live Key Report

Description: A list of all the keys that are checked out currently. Who has the key? When did they remove it? Is it overdue?

What to Do: Use this report to round up the keys end of each shift and at the end of the day. Otherwise, keys could be taken home or forgotten. Helpful for preventing overnight security issues, such as keys dropped on the ground or theft. The report also shows any active alarms in the system. Any report can be set to run automatically at certain times of the day. Set the Live Key Report to print out and get emailed near the end of the day.

Note: To find out if a single key is out, it is unnecessary to run a report from the computer. You can check on an individual key’s status from the unit’s touchscreen. When you try to check out a key, the unit will tell you if it’s checked out and who has it.

System Status Report

Description: A list of all the keys in the system. Can be filtered and sorted. Indicates where the key is checked in, or who has checked out the key. Keys that are checked out show the time removed and whether it is overdue.

What to Do: Make sure all the keys are in the system and accounted for. Acts as an audit trail. Helps managers hold employees accountable. If you have multiple cabinets or multiple units in several locations, you can see where the key (and therefore, the vehicle) has been moved.

User Reports

Description: Shows who the authorized users are and what level of access they have. For example, salespeople just need to check out keys, check them back in, and get a key’s status (Level 1). Lot managers need to add and delete inventory (Level 2). Administrators need full access (Level 5).

What to Do: Make sure everyone has the right level of access. Run the User Summary Report for a list of all users — this can be filtered and sorted. Or, run the User Details Report for more detailed information. Users are organized by groups and profiles — is everyone in the right group?

User Audit

Description: Focus on one user, such as a salesperson. 

What to Do: How many demos are they doing? How long do they usually keep a key? How many keys at a time? Which types of vehicles? Look at the sales reports to calculate a demo-to-sale ratio. This report will help managers provide guidance to their salespeople.

Helpful Report Features 

Did you know that these reports can be filtered and sorted? Set up your report, then save the custom report. This means you don’t have to re-enter all the parameters every time you want to run the report. Just click on your custom report!
Set any report to run automatically at a set time. This acts as a handy reminder. Automatic reports are also an easy way to take snapshots of the data.

Reports can be printed out, saved as a PDF, or saved as a CSV. You can open CSV files in MS Excel and other applications.
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