KeyBank secures the keys in a wall mounted, easy to use, electronic cabinet that expands from 48 to 2000 keys.

KeyBank is developed and manufactured by Morse Watchmans, Inc., the most recognized name worldwide in security management products since 1882.

KeyBank can run stand-alone or the dealer can interface the system with the dealership’s PC, network or in-house system.

First, you cannot “trick” the system by powering it down – the battery back-up lasts for 48 hours. Also, KeyBank’s 18-gauge steel cabinet uses a high quality Medeco lock with a 300-lb pick resistant plate protecting the lock.

KeyBank takes very little space because the system can be mounted directly to the wall. A KeyBank system that will protect the first 12 to 215 keys measures 32″ x 32″ x 7.5″. All systems weight approximately 95 lbs.

Extra additional cabinets, each measuring the same dimensions, will protect 250 keys per cabinet. You can have up to 10 cabinets per KeyBank system.

Yes, The KeyBank provides a wide variety of reports including:

  • Vehicle history
  • Employee activity
  • Vehicle inventory
  • Vehicle analyzer
  • Salesmen Activity
  • Advertising
  • Detailed prospect information

Yes, KeyBank can be interfaced to most brand of a dealership’s PC or In-house system, allowing dealers to retrieve all key and vehicle information as well as user information.

Yes, Security Key Systems offers several types of service contracts, including up to five-year contracts. Please ask your sales representative for more information.

KeyBank lets you determine access. You can assign up to five different levels for each employee.

Yes. Here’s another way we differ from our competitors. Each Smart Key can be reused, and if you need more, you can order the Smart Keys and rings online

The system connects via an Ethernet cable directly to a computer or a router. We will set this up for you. Then, any authorized user can access the software via wifi or the network. Works on a tablet or computer. Also, if you are at home or elsewhere, your IT professional might be able to give you remote login.

The KeyBank Auto keeps track of each key’s entire history. Reports tell you everyone who has checked it out, when, and when it was returned. This is per stock number. (If someone tries to take a key from the system, and it’s checked out, the system instantly tells them who has it).

Near the end of each shift, an administrator should run a Live Key Report. This can be emailed automatically with the TOUCH. Then, go round up the keys or make a PA announcement.