cars dealerships, key management system

“I would recommend the KeyBank system to any dealership with key problems! It easily pays for itself, and finding keys is no longer a time consuming process.
We can now focus our time and energy on what we do best… selling!”

dealerships, key management system

“Our service department has always had a nagging problem with misplaced keys and especially when the customer shows up to pick up their car and we do not know where the key is and that is a serious problem. With the KeyBank system all that is eliminated.”

cars dealer, key management system

“I want to thank the people at Key Control Systems for their time and dedication to helping us to better understand the impact and issues associated with keys and dealer plates. With the new KeyBank system customers no longer wait for a sales person to find a key and get a dealer plate. We always know where are keys and plates are and the reporting system that comes with the software allows us to run reports on everything that relates to keys, plates and who has them.”