MATRIX Key Cabinets

Unlock peace of mind with the MATRIX Cabinet, your comprehensive solution to tracking keys and valuable assets. Whether it’s keys, a cell phone, a firearm, or other asset, our intelligent and user-friendly system monitors location, use, and status. Just log your item details into our system and let it do the rest. Say goodbye to the hassles of misplaced items and say hello to a whole new world of organized and effortless asset management.

Keep Your Assets Safe With Key Control Systems

Take Control Over Your Assets

MATRIX Cabinets offer unparalleled security and convenience with advanced technology, robust design, and an intuitive platform that handles the stress of asset management. The durable steel construction, illuminated key slots, and expandable design make the MATRIX Cabinet a secure, user-friendly solution tailored to meet your business’s security needs. Say goodbye to misplaced items and unauthorized access; with MATRIX, you’re always in control, allowing you to focus on what truly matters — running your business.


Delegate Access To Keys & Assets

Our key management systems simplify the process of delegating access to keys and assets, enhancing security and operational efficiency with advanced features such as biometric identification.


Real-Time Reporting

Our tools provide real-time updates, insights, and audit trails, ensuring transparency and alignment within your team while maximizing security.


Customize to Your Needs

Our systems are customizable to best meet your business’s needs. Choose from three different models based on available space, equip it with your preferred access method, and expand your storage as your business grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

A key control system is an electronic key cabinet designed to manage and regulate access to keys within an organization. It helps track the distribution and use of keys, ensuring security and accountability. Key control systems include features such as key tracking, authorization levels, and audit trails to monitor key usage effectively.

Key management is essential for organizations to securely store and manage keys for various assets and facilities. They help ensure that keys are organized, easily accessible to authorized personnel, and protected from unauthorized access. Implementing a key management cabinet enhances security protocols, minimizes the risk of lost or misplaced keys, and streamlines key tracking and auditing processes.

The Matrix Key Control System is a sophisticated security solution that provides centralized control and monitoring of access to various keys and other assets within an organization. It allows for efficient management of key distribution, tracking, and accountability by assigning unique access levels to different users. This system enhances security measures by ensuring that only authorized personnel can access specific keys, thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry or misuse.

An electronic key cabinet, such as the Matrix Key Control System, is an advanced security solution that offers centralized control and monitoring of access to keys and assets in an organization. It streamlines key distribution, tracking, and accountability by assigning distinct access levels to users. This system boosts security by restricting key access to authorized personnel, reducing the chances of unauthorized entry or misuse.

A key control policy outlines procedures for managing access to keys and assets within an organization. It involves using advanced security solutions like the Matrix Key Control System to centrally monitor and control key distribution. By assigning specific access levels to users, this policy enhances security by limiting key access to authorized personnel, thus minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry or misuse.

The Matrix Key Cabinet is a versatile solution catering to various needs across different industries, offering centralized monitoring and control of key distribution. But the KeyBank Touch is specifically tailored for car dealerships, providing a secure and efficient way to manage car keys. Depending on the type of business you operate, either one of these key cabinets could be the perfect fit for you.

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