The KeyBank® TOUCH is an electronic key management system for automobile dealerships that mounts on the wall. This key control system is easy to access using a modern built-in touchscreen. The cabinets are made from tamper-proof stainless steel for added security. Sales and service personnel can check out keys in seconds. Managers use a computer or tablet to check in on the keys from anywhere. Real-time key tracking means peace-of-mind.

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Whether you need a single unit or multiple units across a dealership group, the system works seamlessly. All your KeyBank TOUCH units share a common database on your computer network. Any authorized user can check our or return keys to any location in your network. No need to re-program the unit or computer every time the vehicle moves to another location. The user database is also shared throughout your network.

All Key Bank Auto systems are modular and expandable. Key Control Systems includes a 10-year support agreement and a 2 year warranty on parts. No extra monthly bill!