Key Management Systems For Property Management

Key Control Systems Tailored To The Property Management Industry

Improve security and accountability, and save valuable time with a key management system designed specifically for car dealerships. Our state-of-the-art solutions provides a secure solution for managing your inventory of keys and other assets, ensuring that they are always accounted for and easily accessible when needed, and eliminating the costs for replacing lost keys , key fobs, dealer plates, and more.

Restrict access to individual keys in your vehicle inventory, groups of keys, dealer plates, or any other asset you need to track. Simple audit trails allow you to run reports on who has accessed which keys and when, providing full visibility into the movement of your business.

Store & Locate Keys

Utilizing an electronic key cabinet, property managers gain total control over key usage, ensuring that keys are both secure and easily accessible when needed. With our solutions, you can manage your keys with the utmost security and convenience.

Provide Access Anytime

When businesses employ our key management systems, residents, contractors, security personnel, maintenance staff, and other authorized users can conveniently access physical keys at any time when needed, without the need for manual intervention.

Reduce Costs & Theft

With our key management systems, you can maintain accountability and significantly reduce the costs associated with stolen or misplaced keys. Our solutions provide a robust audit trail, ensuring full visibility and secure access, ultimately safeguarding your valuable assets against theft.

Keep Your Assets Safe With Key Control Systems

Control Access To Keys & Other Assets


Delegate Access To Keys & Assets

Streamline the delegation of key and asset access for property managers, boosting security and efficiency. The system provides a detailed overview of how many keys and access cards are in circulation, ensuring that every item remains accounted for.


Manage Accountability

Our tools provide real-time updates, insights, and comprehensive audit trails, ensuring transparency, alignment, and enhanced key control within your team. By driving accountability, these features maximize your security measures and streamline your property management operations.


Real-Time Reporting

Our systems offer advanced real-time reporting capabilities, facilitating the swift detection of potential security breaches and guaranteeing access solely to authorized individuals. This feature ensures a complete audit trail, enhancing key management and driving accountability, making it a wise investment for property management operations.

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Secure Your Keys with Our Advanced Key Control Systems

Our key management systems play a crucial role in preventing loss by implementing enhanced security measures and efficient key tracking solutions to control access. Additionally, we streamline the reporting processes, providing easy access to essential information required for efficient operations.

Loss Prevention

Our state-of-the-art key management systems are essential for preventing losses, and providing robust and efficient control over key and asset access. Leverage our user-friendly software to seamlessly monitor key access and locations in real-time.

Control Access

Our key management solutions ensure the secure and efficient control of keys and other valuable assets. By utilizing real-time monitoring, audit trails, and stringent user access restrictions, our systems empower you to maintain the highest levels of security.

Enhanced Security

Our key management systems deliver stringent access control, ensuring only authorized personnel can access keys and other assets. With advanced security features, our systems guarantee that your valuable assets are protected around the clock.

Save Time

With key management systems, you enhance security through robust access controls while also saving valuable time. Our system allows you to quickly locate and track keys within seconds, providing you with peace of mind and operational efficiency.

Save Money

A key management system not only enhances security but also results in significant cost savings. By ensuring secure access control for keys and assets, our platform effectively prevents unauthorized access, thereby minimizing the risks associated with theft or loss.

Easy Reporting

Our key management solutions enhance reporting processes by offering streamlined and user-friendly interfaces. By facilitating easy access control to keys and assets, our platform empowers authorized personnel to manage your inventory with unparalleled efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic key cabinets provide property managers with enhanced security, efficiency, and accountability in key management. By automating key control, property managers can easily track key usage, reduce the risk of unauthorized access, and streamline their operations.

Our key management system requires the installation of electronic key cabinets and the integration of our user-friendly software. This setup ensures all keys and equipment associated with property management are secure, trackable, and easily accessible. Installation is straightforward and our team offers full support throughout the process.

Electronic key cabinets significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to properties by ensuring only authorized individuals can retrieve keys. This provides greater security for residents, giving them peace of mind knowing their homes are protected by an advanced key management system.

Yes, our key management systems come with advanced reporting capabilities that allow property managers to generate detailed reports on key usage. These reports provide insights into who accessed which keys and when, enhancing transparency and accountability within your operations.

Our system provides comprehensive control over access to equipment by securely storing keys and offering real-time monitoring of their usage. Authorized personnel can easily check out keys and equipment when needed, while the system tracks and records all access events to ensure accountability.

Discover how our key systems can revolutionize the way you manage keys within your property management operations. Request a free demo today to see firsthand how our advanced solutions help property managers keep track of keys, control access to vehicles, and ultimately save both time and money. See the enhanced efficiency and security our key management systems bring to your business.

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