Key Control Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

It is estimated the number of decisions that a person makes throughout the day numbers in the thousands. From major decisions regarding a large purchase to minor decisions as to what to eat for breakfast, each produces a final choice that may or may not prompt action. Making those decisions however requires identifying options and then making a selection based on values, preferences and the potential for the various selections to meet the needs. 

Decisions regarding the selection of a key control and asset management system follow this same structure. Identifying the available options can be done with a little research on the Internet or by working with an authorized reseller or technology partner. A wide selection of offerings can also be found at trade shows where a hands-on demonstration can provide much more information. 

Whether knowledge is gained from spec sheets or from an actual product demonstration, preferences will become more obvious at this stage. For example, if the key management system is intended for installation in a correctional facility, then a tamper-proof steel door on the front of the key cabinet is preferable to a see-through Plexiglas door. Or, if the system is to be implemented in an automobile dealership where several people will be repeatedly accessing keys, then a system with a robust touch screen display is preferred. 

Assessing the potential for system features to meet needs can be similarly achieved. Capabilities such as network access and online monitoring, mobile capability and updating and reporting including automatic email notifications are just a few of the features available in advanced key management systems that will meet a variety of needs. Other intelligent features that may benefit the application include key reservations and operations that provide users with the location of a specified key, what keys have not been returned and when the key will become overdue. 

Finally, selecting a key management system based on value often includes the capability of the system to be integrated with established alarm and access control solutions within a facility. System integration allows best-in-breed security solutions to be maintained without the need to overhaul or replace costly installations and further allows the ROI (return on investment) to be more readily attained. 

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