Government Asset & Key Management Systems

Asset Control Systems Tailored To Government Agencies

Enhance security and accountability while saving time with our centralized encryption key management solution, specifically designed for government agencies. Our cutting-edge system offers complete control over the inventory of your organization’s keys and other sensitive assets such as weapons, documents, laptops, and more – ensuring everything is accounted for and easily accessible when needed.

Control access to individual assets in your inventory, groups of keys, weapons, cell phones, or any other asset you need to track securely. Simple audit logs enable comprehensive reports on who has accessed which assets and when, offering full visibility into the movement of your sensitive data. With managed and controlled encryption keys, your organization can protect critical information and assets efficiently.

Store & Locate Assets

Our asset & key management systems harness advanced technology to efficiently and securely store up to 1,782 keys. With our solutions, you can be confident that your documents, keys, or other assets are both safe and readily accessible whenever required.

Never Miss a Beat

With our advanced key and asset management systems, your organization can efficiently monitor all asset movements. You’ll have complete visibility into who has accessed what, and when they were accessed, and for what purpose – ensuring the highest level of accountability at all times.

Reduce Costs & Theft

Misplaced or stolen assets can lead to substantial expenses for federal agencies and other businesses. Our asset & key management systems are designed to eradicate these costs by ensuring that all of your assets are accounted for.

Keep Your Assets Safe With Key Control Systems

Control Access To Keys & Other Assets


Delegate Access To Keys & Assets

Our key management systems streamline the delegation of access to keys and other assets like weapons, laptops, cell phones, radios, and more, significantly enhancing security and operational efficiency. The system also includes a dedicated drawer for securing all keys, data, and other assets, with controlled user access to this specific drawer.


Manage Accountability

Our tools provide real-time updates, insights, and audit trails, ensuring complete transparency, coordination, and key control within your team to maximize security.


Real-Time Reporting

Our systems provide robust real-time reporting capabilities, enabling the swift identification of potential security breaches. This ensures that access is restricted to authorized individuals only, making it a valuable investment for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

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Secure Your Keys With An Electronic Asset Management System

Our asset management systems play a crucial role in loss prevention by providing secure access control and advanced key tracking solutions. We offer robust storage options that ensure your assets are readily available when needed while remaining protected. Additionally, our services streamline the reporting processes, making it easy to access essential information for efficient and seamless operations.

Loss Prevention

Our groundbreaking key management systems are essential for preventing losses by maintaining secure and efficient control over key and asset access. Leverage our user-friendly key management software to seamlessly monitor key access and locations in real-time from anywhere.

Control Access

By creating a centralized system for your organization’s keys, these solutions enhance enterprise cybersecurity measures. Utilizing audit trails and user access restrictions our systems empower businesses to maintain top-tier protection and security standards.

Enhanced Security

Our systems provide strict access control for keys and other assets, meeting top cybersecurity standards for federal agencies. With secure access mechanisms, only authorized personnel are able to gain entry, safeguarding your agencies valuable items.

Save Time

With key management controls, you not only enhance security with robust access control mechanisms but also save valuable time. Our system enables quick and effortless key location and tracking, ensuring peace of mind in just seconds.

Save Money

A key management system not only improves security but also saves money. By providing secure access control to keys and assets, our platform provides protection against unauthorized access, reducing the risk of theft or loss.

Easy Reporting

Streamline reporting processes through the use of comprehensive audit logs. By providing organizations with easy access control to keys and assets, our platform allows authorized personnel to manage your inventory effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A key control system is an electronic key cabinet designed to manage and regulate access to keys within an organization. It helps track the distribution and use of keys, ensuring security and accountability. Key control systems include features such as key tracking, authorization levels, and audit trails to monitor key usage effectively.

To maximize security and efficiency with our key management systems, it’s important to follow best practices such as regularly updating system software, conducting periodic audits, assigning user roles with minimum necessary access, and using strong, unique passwords. These practices help in maintaining compliance and strengthening the overall security framework.

Yes, Key Control Solutions provides comprehensive support and technical services tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We offer both on-site support and remote machine servicing to ensure that you have the guidance and assistance you need, whenever you need it. Our on premises support services include installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, while our remote servicing capabilities allow us to address issues quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth operation of your key management systems.

Our cloud-based key management solutions offer several advantages including real-time access to key data, remote monitoring, and automatic backups. With cloud integration, you can ensure the continuous availability of critical key information, enhancing operational efficiency and enabling swift response to any security concerns.

A key control policy outlines procedures for managing access to keys and assets within an organization. It involves using advanced security solutions like the Matrix Key Control System to centrally monitor and control key distribution. By assigning specific access levels to users, this policy enhances security by limiting key access to authorized personnel, thus minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry or misuse.

Yes, Key Control Solutions prides itself on ensuring our systems meet all relevant compliance standards pertinent to the industries we serve. Our key management systems are designed to comply with federal regulations, ensuring that your organization meets the necessary legal and security requirements for secure key and asset management.

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