Cars Stolen From Dealership Due to Poor Key Control

Fremont Toyota learned this lesson the hard way, nine times in one week. This occurrence made headlines a couple of weeks ago when their customer; dropped off his 2010 Toyota Highlander at his local dealership for a routine detail job. When he showed up the next day to retrieve his car, the service staff discovered it had been stolen from their parking and storage area.

The individual was one of nine customers to have his car disappear from three Fremont dealerships in just over a week. The thieves were able to easily drive off in the vehicles, because the dealership staff had a habit of leaving keys in unlocked cars overnight.

If you fail to keep your customers’ keys secure at all times, you could find yourself in the same predicament, and end up tarnishing your dealerships reputation.

Key Control Systems enable easy & fast access to keys while also helping to prevent unauthorized key access or misplaced keys. Keys that are controlled by a car key management system are automatically recorded each time a key is taken from or returned to the key cabinet. Our system offers further value to the dealership because it provides management with sales & inventory data. Vehicle history reports can be generated to help analyze sales force performance on demos, fast/slow movers & even track the source of mystery mileage.

Key Control Systems are a powerful & effective way of addressing the need to manage, control, access & secure keys.

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