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Key Control Systems – What’s in a Name?

Key control and management systems are most easily defined as an orderly and secure solution for the management of keys. Due to their increasing popularity, key control systems are also known as automated key systems, electronic key systems, key management systems, computerized key systems, key bank systems, key storage systems, key tracking systems, and so on.Regardless of the […]

Key Management Systems Enhance Operation of Day-to-Day Fleet Management

Whether the organizations are large or small, operate as a private enterprise or are municipal in nature, the challenges of fleet management are many and often apply across the board. Regardless of the application, management is always responsible for ensuring that all assets are fully utilized; problems are addressed and resolved quickly in order to […]

Key Control Solutions Save Time and Money at the Dealership

Recent reports indicate that rising auto sales are contributing to the ongoing economic recovery. Auto dealerships that tweaked their operations with new marketing tools, streamlined internal processes and new technology such as automated key control systems during the down times are now poised to reap the benefits of those changes. A computerized key control system is […]

Key Control Software Drives Dealership Operations

The benefits of a key control and management solution for dealerships has been compellingly demonstrated. With so many physical keys in use, management needs a robust system for securing them, along with the vehicles and doors they represent. But beyond the physical security of these keys, there is a need to track and audit and […]

Key Control on a Budget

The budget process involves revenue and expenditure forecasting and often a review of company-wide operational costs. For many organizations, both large and small, the ongoing costs of replacing lost keys is a glaring expense, in addition to safety and security issues – but one that can be easily remedied with a purpose-built key management system. Key […]

Key Control Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

It is estimated the number of decisions that a person makes throughout the day numbers in the thousands. From major decisions regarding a large purchase to minor decisions as to what to eat for breakfast, each produces a final choice that may or may not prompt action. Making those decisions however requires identifying options and […]

The 4 Corners Of A Key Control System

When considering the implementation of an automated key control system, there are several points that need to be identified and addressed before that important final decision is made. Ultimately it comes down to four basic areas that can provide the foundation for a long-term successful key control and asset management plan. Those key parameters relate […]

Cars Stolen From Dealership Due to Poor Key Control

Fremont Toyota learned this lesson the hard way, nine times in one week. This occurrence made headlines a couple of weeks ago when their customer; dropped off his 2010 Toyota Highlander at his local dealership for a routine detail job. When he showed up the next day to retrieve his car, the service staff discovered […]

Key Management & Control – THE BASICS

It’s never too late – or too early – to implement a key control and management strategy. A good key control and management system is organized and formal and addresses both access to and control of a dealership’s keys. When deciding which system best suits your needs, keep these 9 basics in mind: 1. Tracking: A […]

How To Improve Dealership Efficiency

Easy and Fast Access to Keys Quick, easy access to keys is only one of the many ways that automotive key control systems can benefit a car dealership’s day to day operations. Keys put into the system can be moved around the facility as the car moves, with a full data trail available at all […]

Key Control Systems: From Chaos to Efficiency

Before the advent and widespread use of electronic key control systems, key control was often a haphazard routine. Many organizations used an honor system to store and control building keys, while institutions such as correctional facilities or medical campuses used a more formal system requiring access activity to be hand-written in a log book. The […]

Locked In Key Control Systems Help Save Money & Reduce Losses

As dealerships have grown in size, complexity and scope, their key control, security and management needs have risen exponentially. Dealerships are facing mounting costs and a dizzying array of technological solutions, all in the context of ensuring a safer and more secure key management. Many times in such situations the best path forward lies not […]

Car Dealership Key Management

The recent bouts of violent weather in the American southeast and Midwest had many car dealerships scrambling to protect their exposed inventory from damaging hail and severe winds. Easy and fast access to keys, held in car key management systems, enabled the dealerships to more quickly move cars to protected areas and limit the amount […]

Where are the Car Keys?

Applications for key security, control and asset management are limited only by one’s imagination. In any situation where there is a need to control access to keys, a key security system can be deployed. One of the most common and practical implementations though is in the automotive industry. Just think about it. Auto campuses and used […]

Key Control for High Volume Automotive Sites

Automotive dealerships have had a roller coaster ride in the past few years, with owners having to make hard choices to survive the economic downturn. They’ve additionally had to be more creative in their sales approach, more customer and service friendly as well as take more precautions with securing their inventories. To help solve the […]

Fleet Management Key Control

Automated key management systems used in motor pools and other fleet management operations are an effective tool for helping to improve efficiencies in fleet practices. Along with other new technologies that lead to best practices, fleet key control enables management to regulate and track vehicle usage and ultimately to contain costs. Authorized drivers can access […]

How to Shop for Key Control Systems

Shopping for and selecting a key control and management system can be a challenging experience. But it doesn’t have to be if a few simple guidelines are followed. First, determine what your needs are now and in the future. Next, research and compare what’s available. Finally, work with a reputable vendor/installer. By sitting down and […]

The ABC’s of Key Control

A. What is key control?Key control and management systems are an orderly and secure solution for addressing controlled usage and safekeeping of mechanical keys. The tamper-proof systems are designed so that only authorized users, using pre-programmed PIN codes, access cards or biometrics, can access keys and on-board advanced technology automatically records all access activity. B. Why […]

Car Key Systems Add Efficiency For Dealership Operations

Car key management systems enable easy and fast access to keys while also helping to prevent unauthorized key access or misplaced keys. Keys that are controlled by a car key management system are attached to a locking device with an integrated chip so that they can be tracked. Keys can only be accessed or returned by […]

Auto Dealership Emergency Response and Key Management

Like any business, auto dealerships need to deal with emergencies such as extreme weather, fire, theft, vandalism, power outage, and accidents. Every dealership should have a written emergency response plan. Part of this plan must include how to manage the vehicles and vehicle keys in a crisis. An electronic key management system makes this easier. […]

High Vehicle Keys Prices Make Your Dealership Vulnerable

How much is your dealership wasting on replacement keys? Today’s feature-heavy vehicle keys mean higher prices for replacing lost keys. Your dealership is vulnerable because the vehicle keys are circulating every day. Key replacement costs eat directly into your bottom line. What if you had a fool-proof system for managing the keys? When a key […]

An Electronic Key Management System Generates Useful Reports

An electronic key management system generates useful reports for automobile dealerships. The KeyBank Auto’s Live Key Report tells you where the keys are in real-time. Other reports help you manage the system and spot trends over time. Managers and administrative staff can run these helpful reports from the accompanying computer software, KeyWatcher TrueTouch. Here are […]

When will my dealership break even on a key management system?

A vehicle key management system represents an investment for a car dealership. Like any investment, there is a break-even point – and after that time, the investment pays off. How many months will it take to break even with a key control system? After that, how much money will the dealership likely save by having […]

How Key Management Boosts Your Auto Dealership’s Security Plan

Security should be a top priority for any automobile dealership. Dealerships have millions of dollars’ worth of inventory to protect. Thieves could target any dealership that has perceived weaknesses. One important aspect of a dealership’s security plan is protecting the vehicle keys. When casing the joint, criminals will first consider the easiest way of getting […]

Mechanical Key Control Systems Tell No Tales

It used to be said that mechanical keys tell no tales. This was because there was no way to determine or prove who may have last used a key, when it was used, if and when it was returned or even where it might be now. Manual log systems were inefficient at best as a […]

Four Ways Ease to Improve Key Control Effectiveness

Technology advances, intelligent software and integration capability are just a few of the attributes that have contributed to the increased flexibility and functionality of today’s key control and management systems. Yet beyond flexibility and functionality, ease of use plays a significant role in helping to ensure that a system is truly effective. To take full advantage […]

Key Management Systems Enhance Fleet Management Operations

Whether the organizations are large or small, operate as a private enterprise or are municipal in nature, the challenges of fleet management are many and often apply across the board. Regardless of the application, management is always responsible for ensuring that all assets are fully utilized; problems are addressed and resolved quickly in order to […]